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Kings College in the summer

For over 20 years the Federation has welcomed students from around the world to its specialised summer schools. In 2018, we are delighted to offer a new summer programme so that many more students from diverse backgrounds can share the Cambridge experience in our beautiful surroundings.

"My studies and stay in Cambridge each year have turned into beautiful memories and they will stay in my mind forever"

Elaine Y

Cambridge is one of the most famous university cities in the world, and a place where countless generations have come to study and learn with some of the world’s greatest thinkers and teachers. Darwin, Newton, Turing, Byron are just a few of the many famous people who have lived and studied in Cambridge, walked its cobbled streets, and made a huge impact on the world.

Nestled amongst the great colleges renowned for sciences and mathematics – Trinity, King’s, St John’s, Christ’s, Jesus – are smaller but no less influential colleges which specialise in preparing students to improve the world through developing greater understanding of each other, grappling with the big moral questions of the day and exploring traditions of faith and inter-faith relations. Cambridge’s theological colleges, known collectively as the Cambridge Theological Federation, continue the great tradition of theological education and research which provided the foundation for the establishment of the University of Cambridge over 800 years ago.


The Federation summer school is an intensive residential course that enables you to experience what it is like to study and live in Cambridge. The programme will provide a stimulating academic environment and educational experience that will enable and encourage you to think about the big questions of the day that impact all of us, and provide an engaging structure for you to look through a different lens at how our world of today has evolved.

The Federation’s approach to teaching is inter-disciplinary, enabling students attending our summer school to broaden their outlooks, challenge existing thinking, look at things from different perspectives, and think deeply about issues in a global society.

Our programme provides academically challenging and rigorous teaching, including classroom lectures, field trips and organised activities. You will attend lectures given by academics who regularly teach on Federation programmes and in the University. Accommodation and all meals in your Federation college, as well as a formal ‘hall’ (dining at another college in its dining hall), are included in your fee.

If you are over 18 years of age, attend or have attended university, meet our English Language Proficiency requirements and are interested in learning more about the subject, our summer school is for you. We also welcome applications from professionals in a variety of fields and mature visitors who want to expand and deepen their subject knowledge.

Lectures take place in Federation college classrooms. You will live and take your meals in college for the duration of the summer school. Federation colleges are located in the centre of Cambridge, within easy walking distance of all the major attractions and with easy access to train and bus stations.

Artistic Imaginings – Redemption and Human Flourishing: Monday 16th July – Friday 27th July 2018
Arrival in Cambridge on Sunday 15th July; departure on Saturday 28th July

A summer school in Cambridge gives you a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to study in one of the world’s most famous university cities. In the Cambridge tradition, you will focus on a specific subject, and explore it from different perspectives. You will learn a lot about the subject, and a lot about how to learn.

You will attend 40 hours of lectures and teaching activities over your course. You will be given access to a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where you will be able to access the reading materials and other learning resources you will need to get the most from your course. Your Federation library card will give you access to all the Federation libraries. Your course may include organised field trips and group activities.

Many students will attend a summer school out of interest and simply to learn more about the subject, and in this case there are no exams or essays to complete; this is called “not-for-credit”.

If you wish to apply for transfer of credit for your summer school to your home university, you will also be expected to attend a supervision session with your course tutor and submit an essay within one week of the end of your course. There is a small additional fee if you plan to attend on a for-credit basis.

Whilst you will spend time every day reading and preparing for your lectures, there are also a number of activities included in your fee, including punting on the River Cam, a walking tour, and visits to some famous Cambridge landmarks. There are many things on offer during the summer in Cambridge, and you will be able to make arrangements with other students to attend those that appeal to you or to take short day trips to places of interest. Federation summer school staff will be able to provide more details and assistance.