The Spring 2015 edition of East-West Church & Ministry Report, pp. 8-9 reports on a major outreach programme emanating from the Cambridge Theological Federation, an introductory course designed by the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies and entitled ‘How to Run THE WAY’ – ‘The Way’ being the first name given by early believers to the Christian faith. This multi-media production consists of 4 DVDs of talks (whose scope and content have been overseen by the Institute’s President, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware) plus a CD with comprehensive instructions and all necessary materials for running the twelve-session course.

Production of THE WAY in an elegant box-set was funded by the Romanian branch of World Vision and exemplifies a modern approach to furthering the Gospel. Where western Christians once attempted to introduce their own brand of Christianity to the east, those who now feel called to be active in those
regions prefer to work with the already established Churches.

In consequence, THE WAY, developed first for Orthodox Christians in the west and widely used in the English-speaking countries, has now been adopted as adult catechesis throughout the Patriarchate of Romania, whilst an episcopally-funded translation for use in Greece nears completion. Versions for use in other of the Orthodox heartlands are in preparation.

For further information, please see the IOCS website.