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You can now complete your MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission through a combination of distance learning and intensive residential modules in Cambridge. This is an ideal solution for busy people who want to continue their studies alongside work and family commitments, or who do not wish to incur the extra costs and upheaval of moving to Cambridge for a year or more. You do not have to live outside Cambridge in order to study by distance! Many students enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online learning and participate in distance courses from their homes or colleges in Cambridge.

Online modules are offered in one of two formats: synchronous (you interact with your tutor and fellow students in real time at scheduled sessions); or asynchronous (you work to a schedule and interact with your tutor and fellow students at your own pace within the timetable). Just bear in mind the time differences with the UK – there may be a few early mornings or late nights during online modules with a synchronous component.

You will study and learn with students from around the world, guided by your lecturers and tutors who are based in Cambridge. Modules are divided into weekly sessions which involve readings, discussion, collaborative learning, and reflection. You can complete your MA on a full-time basis in one year, or part–time over 2 to 3 years.

Our week-long intensive residential modules provide a wonderful opportunity to spend a week learning and living in Cambridge. We normally schedule one intensive during the Easter term, and a second in the summer, in either July or August; you will be able to finish much of the work for the whole module during these residential sessions, which enables you to complete your programme more quickly. When you attend one of our residential intensive modules you will experience what it is like to live and work in college, meet fellow students from around the world, attend supervisions given by your tutor, and enjoy all that the beautiful city of Cambridge has to offer.

In order to access our online modules, you must first apply, and be admitted, to the MA programme. You will need to have access to a computer and reliable access to the Internet. Once you have been admitted to the programme, you will be given a user name and password to access our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which is where you will find all your module materials.

You will have access to teaching and online reference materials as part of your course. You will also need access to a good theological library; this is most likely through a university in your home town or country. You will be assigned a personal tutor whose responsibility it is to support you and to monitor your learning progress during the entire enrolment period. Your personal tutor is your primary contact person for all academic and personal matters.

Applications are generally considered for the Michaelmas term starting in October, although it is also possible to begin the programme in Lent term, starting in January. To apply for admission to the MA, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission, please download our application form. Should you have any questions or if you would like to speak with one of our team members, please contact