The Cambridge Theological Federation is unique in bringing together of a variety of Christian traditions in joint teaching and learning by which our horizons are expanded and our experience shared – but it is also a place where each tradition has to accept informed criticism of things it holds most dear.

This is true of a forthcoming study, Wrestling with a Godly Order: Encounters with the 1662 Book of Common Prayer from Sarum College Press and edited by James Steven, to be launched on 20 May 2015. In it, two Federation members, Revd Dr Susan Durbar, former Principal of Westminster College (United Reformed Church) and Professor David Frost, Principal of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, join five other liturgical scholars, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and Roman Catholic, in examining the effects of a foundation document of the Church of England, the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, on their own communities. It is a history of massive influence, adaptation and appropriation, but also of fierce theological criticism and political opposition.

All are invited to the Book Launch at Sarum College at 12.25 pm on Wednesday 20 May, and to buy a copy at a pre-order price of £14.19 from Sarum College Bookshop, 19 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EE (tel. 01722 326899).

Book features contributions from:

  • The Revd Prebendary Norman Wallwork, Methodist minister and member of the Joint Liturgical Group
  • The Rt Revd Colin Buchanan, Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales
  • The Revd Dr Chris Ellis, Former President of the Baptist Union
  • The Revd Dr Susan Durber, Minister in the United Reformed Church and Theology Advisor at Christian Aid
  • Professor David Frost, Principal of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge
  • The Revd Alan Griffiths, Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Portsmouth
  • Dr Bridget Nichols, Liturgical Commission of the Church of England

Wrestling with a Godly Order Flyer

David Frost (IOCS)