Eastern Region Ministry Course


The Eastern Region Ministry Course is ecumenical in nature, offering theological education and ministerial training in two forms: (a) a centre-based model at St Albans and Norwich, where weekly classes are held; (b) a distributed online training model, where centre-based training is not possible. All students are locally based throughout the Eastern Region and beyond, [...]

Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies


The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies is a centre for the theological education of clergy and laity of the Orthodox Church, and is the first of its kind in Britain. It serves churches from across the spectrum of the Orthodox world and attracts students for full and weekend courses from Europe, Asia and the United [...]

The Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology


The Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, founded in 1993, is the Roman Catholic member of the Federation. It is based at 12 Grange Road, a House established in the 1930s as an educational and spiritual home for Catholic women studying in the University of Cambridge. The Institute is international in outlook and admits women students [...]

Ridley Hall


Ridley Hall is named after the Reformation leader Nicholas Ridley and opened its doors in 1881. At present the college provides residential training for around seventy men and women seeking ordination in the Church of England, those training for youth and family work at the Centre for Youth Ministry, as well as various independent and [...]

Wesley House


Established in 1921, Wesley House is an international postgraduate college firmly rooted in the Methodist tradition and located in the heart of Cambridge. As a founding member of the Cambridge Theological Federation we also offer students the opportunity for deep critical engagement with other denominations and faiths. We are a worshipping community of academics, students [...]

Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide


The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide is a research and teaching centre in Cambridge, England dedicated to study, reflection, and practical engagement with the global nature of Christianity in the twenty-first century. In our research programmes and doctoral degrees, we support scholars from around the world who are looking for a place to deepen their [...]