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Since 1972 the Cambridge Theological Federation has welcomed students to a city that has been a centre for theological education for over 800 years. The Federation is not only inter-denominational, bringing together Anglican, United Reformed, Methodist, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian churches, but also inter-faith; the Woolf Institute provides a unique environment for the study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The Federation is exceptional amongst theological colleges and courses in its ability to offer opportunities for wide engagement because of its structure. Our students experience this breadth of engagement through membership of one of the Federation Houses or Colleges, enabling the development of collaboration, connections and community.

We offer a wide scope of resources for theological education and research, including specialised library collections in each of our nine member institutions, and, through our relationships and networks, access to world-class research and numerous churches and communities. We build on our close ties with the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Divinity to share innovation and tradition in research and teaching.

Our focus on adult learners means that learning is collaborative, student-centred and flexible. Teaching staff of the Federation are, for the most part, ordained practitioners, skilled in both research and progressive teaching methodology.