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Welcome to the website of the Cambridge Theological Federation, which brings together the teaching and learning of eleven institutions through which people of different churches, including Anglican, Methodist, Orthodox, Reformed and Roman Catholic, train for various forms of Christian ministry and service. Please use the Menu Bar above to navigate around the site. It is our hope that from this you will be able to find the answers to your preliminary questions.

On this website we tell you About the Cambridge Theological Federation. We give information about the Courses of study which are offered and brief details of the Institutions and Centres which belong to it. More information can be gained about these by following the links to their own websites.

We have tried to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions. There are contact details for those who have further questions. Those who come to study or to teach in the Federation will be given access to the internal website, providing fuller academic and more general information that they will then require.

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The Cambridge Theological Federation is a Charitable Company, Limited by Guarantee: Charity Registration 1099953, Company Number 4700056