The Federation appoints academic staff with relevant theological expertise to teach and supervise Federation students on our taught and research degrees. Most academic staff are members of one of the Federation Houses; others are retired or employed by another institution and are engaged to teach in their specialist areas.

Details of academic staff members can normally be found on the website of their Federation House

Anna Abram MBIT
Ian Adams Ridley
Lucy Anstey Ridley
Helen Arnold Westcott
Peter Ball Westminster
Robin Barden Ridley
Michael Barnes MBIT
Rob Barwood-Symonds Ridley
Francis Brienen Westminster
Janet Bunker Westcott
Simeon Burke Ridley
Andy Byers Ridley
Helen Cameron Wesley
Paul Chilcote Wesley
Richard Clutterbuck Wesley
Joanne Cox-Darling Wesley
Lucy Dallas ERMC
Richard Davis Wesley
Helen Dawes Westcott
Becca Dean Ridley
Paul Dominiak Westcott
Andrew Dunlop Ridley
Sarah Dunlop Ridley
Graham Edwards Wesley
Robert Evans Westcott
Olga Fabrikant-Burke Ridley
Matthew Fell Ridley
Derek Fraser Independent
Robert French Ridley
Simon Gatenby Westcott
Christie Gilfeather Ridley
Andrew Goddard Ridley
Julian Gotobed Westcott
Alison Gray Westminster
Fiona Green Ridley
Joanne Griffiths Ridley
Steve Griffiths Ridley
Boris Gunjevic Westfield
Emma Harris Woolf
Dragos Herescu IOCS
David Herrick ERMC
Rachel Holdforth Westcott
Joel Humann Westfield
Frances Image MBIT
Alexander Jensen ERMC
Philip Jenson Ridley
Edward Kessler Woolf
Kathryn Kissell Ridley
Jane Leach Wesley
Ralph Lee Wesley
Jenny Leith CCCW
Cynthia Lumley Westfield
Julie Lunn Wesley
Clive Marsh Wesley
Robert McDonald Ridley
Jane McLarty Westminster
Rick Mearkle Westminster
Bill Mullally Wesley
Louise Nelstrop MBIT
Andrew Parker Ridley
Anthony Pemberton Ridley
Elizabeth Phillips Westcott
Jeff Phillips Westcott
Adam Ployd Wesley
Robert Pope Westminster
Razvan Porumb IOCS
Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman Wesley
Melanie-Préjean Sullivan MBIT
Susan Price MBIT
Victoria Raymer Westcott
Charles Read ERMC
Samantha Richards Ridley
Rachel Rosborough Ridley
Christoph Schneider IOCS
Karen Shakespeare Wesley
Philip Sheldrake Westcott
Annabel Shilson-Thomas Westcott
Gemma Simmonds MBIT
Julia Snyder Westcott
Jonathan Soyars Westminster
Ferdia Stone-Davis MBIT
Muthuraj Swamy CCCW
Elizabeth Theokritoff IOCS
Andrew Todd CTF
Jennifer Totney Westcott
Sarah Underwood Ridley
Michael Volland Ridley
Medi Volpe Wesley
Rebecca Watson ERMC
Paul Weston Ridley
Samantha White Westminster
John Wigfield Westcott
Naomi Wormell Westcott