The Cambridge Theological Federation Library consists of the collections of its eleven member institutions and is home to a wide range of theological resources. The ecumenical nature of the collections provides a wealth of resources for staff, students, researchers and sabbatical visitors. As well as having access to these libraries, Federation staff, students and sabbatical visitors are able to use many renowned libraries in Cambridge.

The libraries are open to all members of the Federation; external users are welcome to use the libraries for a small fee.

Photograph of Magda Fletcher in Ridley library

The Library resources include:

  • Access to the online catalogue iDiscover
  • Over 100,000 printed volumes
  • Over 60 current journals
  • Special denominational collections
  • E-journals: ATLA ATLAS Series (over 380,000 full texted articles) and the EBSCO Religion & Philosophical package (over 300 full texted journals)
  • E-books
  • Study space
  • Postal Loan service for students who live outside Cambridge
  • Wi-Fi access
  • External membership
  • Students have access to their own House library 7 days a week
  • Copy/print/scanning facilities available in most colleges

In addition, staff and students have access to the electronic resources and databases of their validating universities.

If you would like to visit our libraries please contact the Federation Librarians to make an appointment:

Dr Chris Grogan

Dr Magda Fletcher
Tel: 01223 741061